📸 — Tutukaka & Poor Knight Island, New Zealand

Our photo competitions followed us as we continued to drive to the Bay Islands. Oli learned that Jacques Cousteau ( a famous marine biologist) said the Poor Island’s in New Zealand were among his top ten best diving spots in the world.

Since Olivier LOVES diving, he made sure Mark and Maeghan followed along for the ride.

We made some awesome stops along the way, but here are our pictures from under the sea. And note… in the Great Barrier Reef, the water temperature was 30 degrees, here.. it was 20.

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Mark taking the 2nd photo competition very very seriously.
Oli just watching… since he knew Maeghan or Mark were way more competitive.
Mark’s van, converted to a camper van. And our wheels for 5 days!
The winner of photo contest day 2: Maeghan. #thankgoodness
7 mm suits — with headcaps. Much different than we are used to.
Mark squantching. Naturally.
Eel — hanging out, minding it’s own business.
The group of fish swam up and down following just one fish. It was mezmerizing.
Yes.. .its freezing and all the other Canadian’s are judging me. OK.
The largest ocean cave in the world — we rode the boat through to our next dive site.
our friend Caleb lent us his dive watch, and it has been SO incredible for our trips. We’re much better at managing our dives because of it!
Ton’s of sting rays!
We went into a cave that has an air pocket at top, but 17 meters below the ocean — it was surreal to go inside!
Bad ass Oli.
Chilling Mark!
Mark — but photo credit to Maeghan… he looks so bad ass right now.
yes… thank you Maeghan.
Sting ray
Oli managing his dive stats.
So many sting rays. :)
Plankton — swimming by our mask. It feels really weird to swim with them… like you can feel bunches of them.. but don’t see a solid object.
Maeghan became friends with the captian. Steve. And he trusted her to drive the boat.
All in all, we had a super great day swimming.
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