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A Little Detour

📸 — Ubud, Bali Indonesia

Man, the wifi is brutal here —I’m so far behind in uploading our photos!

But! UBud! Bali! AMAZING! We landed in Indonesia after some travel troubles but boy does this place take your breathe away.

We had some special experiences including the time we met a Netflix documentary star…. or found a super sketchy gym/building on the outside of town that had the world’s top performing Balinese dancers… or even the nights we spent enjoying the vibes of this village because everything about it is awesome. 😊

More pictures to come!

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫

This was a very special day. After reaching out to Oka he was(beyond!!) generous in spending the entire day showing us around Ubud, his home, his family and some of their favorite places to eat.

Oka & his team carved by hand a temple that resides in his yard.
The best fish we’ve ever had!
round tree #Treephotography
Ground shot: Rice fields
Drone shot: Rice field
after this picture was taken, a line up had occurred.
Traditional Balinese dance — an incredible experience we managed to figure out last minute in the most random area of town!
The details in the dance are incredible: finger movements, eye movements and musical timing.
Octopus tacos… incredible.
JFC was on the walk home… but it reminded me of another fried chicken company…

See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫



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