📸 —Wanaka & Lake Hawea, New Zealand

This part of the trip was fun, we did some incredible hikes by the water and saw extreme nature changes from cold white and wet, to dry yellow and windy, to lush green and tropical.

As you drive, the clouds are so low you often feel like you are going to drive through them. Along the side of the road… there is quite a bit of road kill (bunnies, wallabies and birds…) and it brings the biggest hawks I’ve ever seen to come grab an easy meal off the road.

Other than those birds… we really haven’t seen that many animals. Apparently there are wild goats and a few bigger animals… but it mostly just felt like Oli, me and the birds were the only ones out there.

We also got to check out the most instagrammed tree in the world #ThatWanakaTree and look over lakes that are still as glass and reflecting the mountains above them.

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#ThatWanakaTree — the most instagrammed tree in the world.
One of my favorite pictures!
See more on our website www.alittledetour.ca🌏✈️👫