Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on @Unsplash

We’re Westbound

I’ve come to realize that one of the most scarce commodities or resources in my life is time.

My boyfriend and I met in Montreal, Canada where we both joined a technology startup in its early stages. From the moment we met, life was pure chaos..… yet I would say looking back, we had the good fortune and mutual understanding of time together to get through the demanding hours of shipping new product versions, crazy deadlines, or traveling to conferences and extending the trip a few extra days to enjoy a vacation together.

Time felt like it was always agains’t us. Having to achieve X number of things every day before we went to sleep — if we went to sleep.

Well, after 5 years with this company, there was a coordinated departure for us to embark on something new.

A blank slate.... a rare opportunity and luxury to take the time do decide what we want to do and who we want to be.

After thinking through a bunch of options… moving to the US in pursuit of a new tech job, moving closer to family for a while, staying in Montreal to start something new.... we landed on taking an extended coffee break and traveling.

We have no current commitments, no kids, dogs or fish, a great backpack that only ever gets 2 weeks use each year… and an open mind. We’re hoping during our travels we can learn to chill, invest in hobbies or interests as we go, and look forward to a new perspective after some extended time around the world.

So we’re off. We’re heading down to Central America and then Westbound to take this gift of time and grow as individuals and together from this random yet exciting adventure.

I was just thinking — you may not know much about us, so let’s fix that!

Maeghan Smulders

Ohey! I’m Maeghan and told I am truly skilled. I can choke on air, fall up stairs, trip over nothing, hit my head on practically anything, am a gifted terrible speller, love ice cream and the old Taylor Swift….who’s dead. #lookwhatyoumademedo

I’m into photography, videoing stuff and building things - I’m a forever learner. The place I am most excited to visit is Australia 🐨

Olivier Beaulieu

Hey, I’m Oli! In real life, I’m a software engineer, and typically don’t see the sun that often. In this new life, I aspire to become a professional surfer, master scuba diver, a Spanish speaking wiz and a chess grandmaster.

The place I am most excited to visit is Nepal 🏔

[UPDATE:] Oli and I wanted a way to document our travels, remember the little details of things we did, the people we met,our surroundings and personally how things are going. So we’ve done a few things the last few weeks to help prepare us (hopefully) for an easy way to collect these memories and store them.
We created a website called There, we connected our pictures to remember specific moments, our Youtube videos to preserve movement, our Medium publication with blog posts to write more details about our adventures and lastly, tracked some stats of our adventures. We’re not committing to delivering content in any set way — so when we have an update to share, we’ll post it.