Why local advice really matters.

They know…you want to know.

Meaningful and memorable travel is not about conferences, hotels, ghost tours or visitor bureaus. It’s about discovering the places that really matter. It’s about understanding a city like you live there.

It seems like the holy grail of travel is the hidden experience discovered on the fly, unknown to most and certainly unknown to anyone back home. These places require a local’s knowledge to discover (a sort of right of passage only passed through continued residency). Discovering these places and experiencing them as a local would, fills travelers with pride so enjoyable, authentic and shareable we call it a Bragworthy experience.

What we've discovered is that travelers of all kinds want to “get local”. We've found that it doesn't matter if your 16 or 65, visiting friends or there for work, have 3 hours or 3 weeks, this desire for authenticity, inclusion and understanding is inherently tied to travel and the travel experience and the lust for such is MASSIVE.

We believe that the only way to truly reach a point of understanding is to be led by a LOCAL.

On the flip side, we've discovered that a true local’s desire to share their city is as strong as a traveler’s desire to understand it. So much so that they will offer this advice earnestly, gratis and with great pride.

The innate attraction between these two groups has driven us to embark on developing the simplest, easiest way for these wanderers and urban sages to connect. Our goal is an open network of conversations between the discoverers, explorers, and venturers of the world — connecting the people that travel to the people and cultures that create and nourish a “sense of place

Over the next three months, you will see us building an open instant-messaging network that will allow anyone to connect with a local in real-time. Our goal is simple:

We want you to experience the authentic, social, explorative, care-free local experiences you crave.