Beto Staff Uses Campaign Funds For Caravan

A major topic of discussion from this year’s midterm elections has been the incredible fundraising efforts of Texas’ democratic senate candidate Beto O’Rourke. According to FEC data, Beto has raised over $70 million between January of 2017 and October of 2018. So where exactly is this money going? According to undercover footage from Project Veritas, a conservative organization committed to unmasking corruption, some of those campaign funds are going to members of the controversial migrant caravan. From what is portrayed in the video, it would appear that the majority of what they were doing consisted of buying the migrants food and water. I am of the opinion that buying illegal immigrants food does not make you a terrible person, but as one of the staffers points out himself, it isn’t legal to do so with campaign donations. In fact, as was also stated by the aforementioned staffer, it is a $50,000 fine. It is unclear what the scale of this operation was, and whether or not the campaign will be penalized. Even if Beto remains unpunished, it is disconcerting to think that a man aspiring to be a senator would have such a dysfunctional staff. They mention in the video about how they don’t care about breaking the rules. If they don’t care now, why would they suddenly care about following the rules if Beto gets elected? These are not the people we want representing our state on Capitol Hill.