Stephen Brindle
Feb 1, 2019 · 3 min read

The Left’s Border Wall Hypocrisy

Ever since Donald Trump launched his presidential bid in 2015, his plan for a wall on the Southern border has been denounced by the Democratic Party. They not only use their usual smears of it being racist, bigoted, and idiotic, but also claim that the construction of a barrier on the southern border would be unethical. Contrary to what the Democrats want you to believe, this is a fairly new stance. In 2009, for example, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated:

“The first of these seven principles is that illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. When we use phrases like ‘undocumented workers,’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration, which the American people overwhelmingly oppose.”

It would seem that the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is on full display, yet no one is paying attention. I know what you are thinking: the proof of hypocrisy is right there, yet why does the left not seem care?

​The problem is that Democrats are fueled this political season by only one thing; their hatred of Donald Trump. Had Schumer made these remarks today, he would be called out by the left for being a bigot and likely would have his political career destroyed and be banished from the Democratic Party. It is in the Democrats’ hatred of our President that they find themselves most united. Moderate Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and radical left wingers such as freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) rarely see eye to eye on most issues of policy, but are united in their hatred of Trump. Their only motivation to work is not to better the lives of American people, strengthen our country, or solidify our economy, but is rather to smear the president and stop his agenda. January’s government shutdown was not a battle over the wall, but a battle between the left’s hatred of our president and the Republicans desire to protect America. Unfortunately, contrary to the saying “love wins,” hatred won this time.

So… what happens next? Many conservatives, such as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have said that the next step for POTUS would be to declare a national emergency on the southern border. The problem with this is that it is hard to argue what caused it to go from a political issue into a full-fledged national emergency. For the duration of many people’s lives illegal immigration from Latin America has been a major cause of controversy at both the state and national levels, so this is nothing new today. Even if Trump did declare the situation at our southern border to be a national emergency, there is no doubt in my mind that a left-wing judge from a state like California would declare it unconstitutional. It’s not necessarily unconstitutional, but with the left, anything, including abusing federal courts and the constitution, is justified if it is done to resist Trump.

Another viewpoint could be that Republicans will have another chance to secure the funding necessary for the wall in February, when Congress must once again vote on the budget. There is no way this current administration would want to shut down the government again and run the risk of not getting the wall funded. If there is a second shutdown in February, Trump should forget about running again in 2020.

It seems that nothing can be done to counter the hatred of the Democratic Party. All we can do is continue to expose their hatred and hypocrisy. We must bring light to what their priorities really are, and ensure that we as a country do not make the same mistake in 2020 that we made in 2018.

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