Disney, Orange is the New Black, and Digital Media

Hello, I am Morgan Ott, and I am a New Media Arts major at SPSU. I am also a Resident Assistant for Freshman housing here on campus. I happen to waste a lot of time on the internet. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and regularly browse Reddit and Tumblr. I also partake in my fair share of Netflix binge watching. Yet, I try and step away from the virtual chaos every once in a while and get lost in a good book.

I really enjoyed the first Chapter of Converging Media. I found it interesting how patterns are so apparent in the technology. Since reading the section on the telephone, I have found myself thinking through the various emerging mediums, even social media sites, and to no surprise the model usually fits.

Disney Maker Studios

I also gravitated towards the mention of the mergers or consolidation in the chapter. My devotion to YouTube as a company has also allowed me to explore the economic side of the $45.7 billion dollar company. My interest in the topic really surfaced when media giant Disney bought Makers Studios, a company started by a group of YouTubers, in Spring of 2014. The forced merger of traditional and new media proved in this instant a success on many levels and showed viewers, like me, the true possibility of the online world.

Orange is the New Black

Towards the end of the chapter I found the term “product placement” to really stick out. In the book it mentions the additive of product placement to combat the growing number of commercial fast-forwarders, but as someone who doesn’t have cable this term more so sticks to a company like Netflix. The first time I watched Orange is the New Black I was confused how the production team made any money. Then after a quick google search a whole world was opened up to me. Netflix simple scatters subtle products throughout each episode.Who knew inmates were so obsessed with Little Caesars. As a viewer this is a little discomforting knowing I’m being bombarded with ads, but as a student I find it fascinating that companies are able to hide these ads with such ease. Overall I am excited to learn more about the various forms of media and their implications on culture.

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