An Ode to my Raven Nights

It’s just another night,

it’s just another sleep

I close my eyes for my dreams to begin

did I say dreams?

The one where there is my prince waiting?.

It’s just another night

it’s just another sleep

I close my eyes, and the fear of responsibility undertakes, did I say fear?

the one that merrily rouses me like a morning coffee?

or the one that gapes right through me when I observe in the mirror?

Photo by Megan te Boekhorst on Unsplash

Rattled inside a labyrinth

with no escape route.

As you char from the inside

the smoke stifles you,

and silence paves its way in

goodbyes forgot and goodbyes confided.

An incessant haunting that reminisces you of who you are;

and of what have you become?

propelling a chill up to your crest,

the Nightmare gives you cold feet

and you wake up with hot drops of sweat gliding down your cheek.

An hour of this dusk so dark and horrific

with no help to seek

summoning the deepest and the darkest demons inside of you

waiting to unleash wrath.

I suffer from Nightmares,

my black and white doesn’t matter anymore

as my psychedelic soul and I have created a whole new world.

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

In which, I’ve learned to unlearn,

don’t ask me to fight my way to sleep

or say that I am delusional,

and that it’s all in my head;

because I am an Insomniac

and it is way more than the stereotypes you’ve heard about it

so let me be.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do share your feedback and views on the same, you never know this could lead you to fresh ideas.

Until Next Time Folks!!



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