Because Jesus Invited You

~dedicated to my mom

Poems From The Porch

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Everything in life is intended for your nourishment by the One Who cares for you dearly.

It is natural that you would prefer the sweet to the bitter, but both are necessary.

There are parts of you that can only be developed by the sting of the bitter on your tongue, and the sweet treats…




Musings that connect you with the Love within you

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Ani Vidrine

Ani Vidrine

Connecting to the deeper reality within all of us and offering the transformational tools that have been personally meaningful to me 🕊 🤍

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Trauma Magic (2021)

Trauma Magic is a love letter to our bodies and minds. It is a hero’s journey disguised as a collection of essays. It begins with the enchanted landscape of Southern Ontario, the wild dancing of fairies teaching us boundaries and ecological ethics. It traces the call of magic through the queer desires of the Holy Virgin Mary, the movements of animals in the forest at night, and the practice of witchcraft in everyday life. Trauma Magic carries the generative tension of expansive desire and unbear