An Executive Summary on the Intermarriage in the Asian community

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This executive summary of dating statistics, official academic studies , as well as other data is an objective look at the long term trends of the Asian American community and the implications of the conclusions of these studies. We focus here on three countries: USA, UK , and Canada to look at overall trends, as well as showing that this phenomenon is not just a American trend , but a global trend. Sources for all the studies referenced in this summary can be found at the bottom of this article.



This table shows the % preference for 1 ethnicity — white men among different races of women. South Asian and East asian women prefer white men to a percentage of 37%.

According to data from dating service — Coffee Meets Bagel thru their study of dating habits on CMB, data showed that among East and South Asian women , 37% preferred to chose white males in terms of ethnicity. Among the men, a different pattern emerges. 8% of Asian men said they only wanted to date White women and a higher percentage (11%) of South Asian men said the same thing. What they concluded as a result of this data is the following:

Asian women are fiends for White men, including Jewish men.

And it was not that white males preferred Asian women , but Asian women who did.


On the much larger and popular site OKCUPID, and therefore more representative of general patterns statistics gathered from the response rates of different races showed that among all races, most preferred their own counterparts ,with the exception of Asian women. This was especially prevalent in 2009. From 2009 onwards , this was corrected as Asian women seemed to prefer Asian men more , but only marginally. An look at other races of women , such as Black women showed that they vastly preferred Black men versus white men ( 23% vs -6%), in addition to White women ( 19% vs -% to other races). Latina and Asian women only marginally preferred their own counterparts in comparison to white men. Asian women were vastly preferred in comparison to other women among Asian men.

In 2009 , Asian women rated White men as better the Asian men. A important trend to look at here is that overall , other races of women all prefer their own gender counterparts.
This changed a couple years later, but it still wasn’t much better.


According to the Pew Research Institute , Asian American women intermarry at 36% versus that of 21% for Asian men. Whites married at at 12/10% ( M/F) , 24%/12% for blacks ,and 26%/28% among Hispanics. One implication of the data displayed here is that Asian men have similar intermarriage patterns to other Men of Color. On the whole, Asian men intermarry just fine. Overall , this means that Emasculation hurts Asian men the most , not with other women , but with Asian women.

While 36% of Asian women choose to intermarry , this statistic can be further broken down into immigrants and US born Asian women.

In the latest release by the Pew Research Institute , the 2017 edition of their annual study on “Social Trends and Intermarriage”, indicated that 54% of US raised Asian women chose to intermarry, while immigrant Asian women intermarried at 31%. Since the population distribution of America is still mostly white, these statistics can be used to logically make the conclusion that most of these intermarriages occur as white-asian relationships. Among Asian men, US raised Asian men intermarried at 38% , while foreign born AM intermarried at 15%. What this data reflects is a 20% difference in the amount of intermarriage between the genders , which is a significant difference.

Part IV : Who do we Intermarry the most? A general summary if intermarriage among Asians

This is a extremely complicated chart , but what it can be broken down into is: Asian-white intermarriage, Asian-black intermarriage, and Asian-Hispanic intermarriage among Chinese , Japanese , Korean, Filipino , and Vietnamese groups

Their are two types of Asians within the Asian American population. Those who have been raised in the US , and those who are new immigrants. Data from a comprehensive study done by Dr. C.N Le reveals that several ethnic/gender groups are more likely to outmarry than to marry endogamously (within their own racial group): Filipino and Korean men, and Chinese, Filipino, and Korean women. Within those who were US raised, Filipino men and Filipino and Korean wives were more likely to be have a White spouse than an endogamous one. Further, this model shows that Korean women have a White intermarriage rate of 57.7%. That may seem unbelievable but in this particular instance, the numbers do not lie.

Fundamental takeaways from this data shows a similar high pattern of marriage to white-males across several different Asian ethnicities among Asian women (marked in orange). From the lowest ( 37% Chinese females to 57.7% in Korean females) the out marriage rate is in all cases , above that of the respective male counterparts. Another takeaway from this data is the noticeable bias in outmarriage: although some out marriage towards hispanic and black men exists, a noticeable bias exists towards white men, bringing up the question: is love really a two way street?

Part V: Academic Studies

In a 2016 study on the relationship involvement of Asian American men and women, using data from the “ National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health”, the authors of this study examined the romantic and sexual involvement of young adults between 25–32. What they found was the evidence of a racial hierarchy in dating and relationships.

While less then 10% of Asian men would consider excluding Asian women ,overwhelming amount of Asian women (40%) chose to rule out dating Asian men. Furthermore , Asian women were found to be half as likely as Asian men to be unpartnered (18% vs 35%). As a result ,Asian men were much more likely then their same-sex counterparts to be unpartnered.

In the end , this study concludes the following:

Our results do suggest that a racial hierarchy in romantic partner preferences may hinder Asian men from entering into romantic partnerships during young adulthood.

In another study by the University of Michigan , they note:

A similar high percentage of intermarriage between Asian women with white men is noted , once again. A notable finding of this study , however is the fact that Asian women were much morel likely to be cohabiting with White partners (45%), then Asian partners(<43%).

Part VI: “ An Economist goes to a Bar”

In a study at the Columbia University’s Graduate and professional schools , a study on the factors that were involved in the dating preferences of more then 400 individuals found no evidence of a stereotypical preference for East Asian women , but instead , found that East asian women were much more likely as a pairing then with Black or Hispanic men. The conclusions of this study , along with the studies that have been listed here brings up a question: Why are Asian women out married so much with White guys? The amount at which Asian women are with White guys seems to be an abnormal trend which brings into the question of whether or not these preferences for white males are not just preferences , but racist , self-hating, and exclusionary preferences.



Across the ocean , in the UK , similar studies have also been done on the inter-ethnic patterns in relationships. The biggest differences between men and women in inter-ethnic relationships were found within the Chinese group where women were twice as likely (39%) to be in an inter-ethnic relationship as men (20%). Other non Chinese Asian women (38%) were also more likely to be in an inter-ethnic relationship versus that of Other Asian men (23%).

No other group suffers from this insane level of disparity.

As we have seen in the multiple studies that have been presented here, a general pattern emerges revealing that Asian women seem to have a overwhelming bias for white men, while Asian men seem to prefer their own counterparts more often then not. As in other studies, the amount of intermarriage in Asian women always seems to be double that of Asian men.



While Chinese and Indian immigrants appear to the least likely group to choose exogamy or outmarraige out of all groups , Asian female immigrants are still far more likely then males to marry out , which once again , confirms an already existing pattern. Furthermore , Asian women in Canada , similar to the United States , marry out at higher levels then Asian men.


What the CMB and OKCUPID studies both show is that Asian women have a clear bias and disposition towards white men, Asian men vastly prefer Asian women the vast majority of the time. The conclusive evidence from multiple studies and data sources in this summary brings forward one conclusion. This pattern is replicated across multiple countries, suggesting a societal and global trend. The general trends replicated across these multiple studies also confirm that Asian women are much more likely to date out, and while doing so overwhelmingly are with white men. Such bias in a single direction is worthy of questioning.

Asian women intermarry much more then Asian men , and when they do , it is mostly with white guys. While Asian men can also harbour internalized racism and self-hate, the evidence in the multiple studies listed here suggest that this notion is false. The large-scale preference of Asian women with white guys suggests that the preferences of Asian women are not just preferences , but racist , exclusionary preferences. It shows that racial preferences are not OK. It further suggests that Asian women may harbour internalized racism towards their gender counterparts as well as self-hate.

Quick Summary

  • Asian American women outmarry at double the rate of Asian American men (37% versus 16%). Other races do not nearly have such a disparity.
  • The dating disparity , and the out marriage rates of Asian women is replicated across the pond in the UK and Canada , proving that this phenomena is worldwide.
  • A detailed study on the individual out-marriage rate of different Asian ethnicities echos similar patterns found in other studies in this summary: Asian women have an inexplicable preference towards white men , and as in other studies, Asian men intermarry less then Asian women.
  • One the whole, Asian men intermarry just fine when compared to other Men of color. Of course , it is much harder for Asian men to date out due to societal racism , but compared to other men , they are not doing bad. It goes to show how all men of color face societal racism in dating.
  • The notion of a racial hierarchy in dating at first seems to be presumptuous , but it does , in fact exist , and it punishes Asian men.
  • It may be arguable that Asian women having a whole sale preference for white men is anecdotal , however , when such phenomena is also replicated across so many studies and different countries , it calls into question whether this is actually anecdotal or real. It suggests that Asian women have a real , racist preference for White men that can not just be explained by simple one liners like “ Love is Love”.