Day 1: A Manuscript in 90 Days

Procrastination, Title, Genre

Procrastination is that warm, funny friend who accepts you for who you are, whether you’ve gained weight, or if you’ve lied to stay in instead of going out. She’ll be there, standing right by you, when you ignore work and instead surf Medium articles on productivity. You can count on her.

But late last month was eventful. I took a vacation and then continued hurtling towards 33. And thought of how I still haven’t finished the book I’ve wanted to write for the last 10 years. If I had to produce an excuse, a book 10 years ago, at 23, wouldn’t have been any good. There were not enough stories, not enough people, not enough food, not enough anything. More importantly, there were not enough battle scars. The book would have turned out insipid like a cup of weak and milky Darjeeling. *Gag*

Am I a writer? By no measure. Apart from a 1500-word essay I wrote back in high school (on myself, imagine) — which my English teacher acclaimed it as a piece of literary masterpiece — I’ll halt and sputter a million times before calling myself a writer. Architect, yes. Professional arse-kicker, without a doubt. Entrepreneur, only recently. Food blogger, yes. But writer? No.

Let’s first get the fun things out of the way. I have the title down. Biryani & Other Love Stories. A piece I wrote for Glimmer Train, that then I posted here, talked of summer, biryani and the blessedness of infatuations. And the title sounds perfect for a collection. But we’ll see. I want to keep an open mind regarding this, since the title of the very next story in the collection might end up more attractive and I’m known to have the resilience of a goldfish.

But the plan for the next 90 days is this:

  • Write
  • Write more
  • Research the possibilities of self-publishing vs traditional
  • Read
  • Write again
  • Procrastinate productively by self-designing a cover and format
  • Read
  • Lose weight
  • Write some more

How hard can it be to write a food memoir in 90 days, right?

Follow along if you want to. It might be interesting to see a clueless novice crash and burn. Seriously.