Days 4 & 5: A Manuscript in 90 Days

We have a Chapter, people!

Photo by Lauren Peng on Unsplash

I’m clubbing two days together, since I was not able to check in yesterday (my day job people, my day job).

But I’m here now and I’m rhapsodic to declare that I have produced a Chapter. Not half a chapter. Not just mangled sentences chucked together. But a full chapter that actually makes sense. It still has to be edited and tightened and has an unhealthy spattering of adverbs. But I officially have a draft chapter called The Butcher of Walthamstow.

I had copied and pasted an excerpt last time and the entire chapter is about 3400 words. I’m having a mini-dance here, but to be honest, if one chapter takes me 5 days, then by the end of 90 days I’ll have only 18! *Gulp*

What I hope to achieve in the next couple of days is a rhythm. A rhythm of showing up at my desk regularly, at the same time, and writing towards a constructive goal. I might die. Mostly because I have, in the past, reacted to routine by breaking out in hives. But, let’s see.

I’ll leave you with all this cuteness:

Follow along if you want to. It might be interesting to see a clueless novice crash and burn. Seriously.