Week 2 : A Manuscript in 90 Days

The damn Internet

It’s the Internet, I tell you. I mean, I’m definitely showing up at my desk to write everyday. For sure. 100%.

I don’t even remember what day this is…which should explain the “Week 2” in the title. I blame the Internet for this. I mean, it’s not a new thing, really. Hordes of writers before me have complained about getting distracted every time FB pings their phones, or a tweet from John Green shows up.

I’d happily put on my playlist on Youtube, which I have lovingly and aptly named “Writing”. My fingers would be poised in air above my keyboards, but before I’m able to type even a single word, I’d find myself surfing through the playlist looking for my favorite number to play. Not a good sign. The phone will ping. It’s a comment on the post I made in a writers’ group on Facebook. Hmm…interesting comment. Maybe I’ll check out the link this person has suggested. Oooh, look! It’s this really long article on how to be productive. Aaand it’s got bullet points! Wait, I have to get back to writing. Let’s change the music first. The phone lights up silently and shows two Likes on an Instagram photo. I have to see who these people are. But first, the music…

And the wheel goes round and round, till it grows teeth and turns vicious.

“The trick is to clear your head of anything else,” said a friend of mine, who is known to churn out literary pieces by the hour.

I nodded enthusiastically, and then made a face at him.

All this talk of empty heads, productivity, distraction and word count has only helped me achieve 573 words of another chapter.

This is why I like it when Product Hunt does this:

More Internet. I can’t wait to try all of them!

Follow along if you want to. It might be interesting to see a clueless novice crash and burn. Seriously.