Should we Bring Back Angela Merkel?

AS far back as 2014, during the Ukraine crises of that year, the Euromaidan revolt, the Donbas secession and the Russian occupation of the Crimea, I decided not to visit Lithuania because I was worried that it might be attacked.

But a larger war in Eastern Europe didn’t happen. Till now.

It’s a funny thing, but for as long as Angela Merkel was talking to Vladimir Putin, there was no full invasion of the Ukraine.

43rd Munich Security Conference 2007: The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir V. Putin and the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel during the Conference. Photo by Sebastian Zwez, 10 February 2007, CC BY 3.0 Germany via Wikimedia Commons.



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Mary Jane Walker

Traveller, journalist, author of 18 books and of 300 blog posts on Medium and on my website