Pussy Periscope

First stream watched on @periscopeco was of this and no way to report it. Hope they got a dick-pic editor deleting. It’s like Silicon Valley startups aren’t even trying anymore…

Small Businesses Thriving on Amazon

Last year, I shared the story of Clip-n-Seal, a product Textura Design (my company) brought to market about a decade ago, and how Amazon featured it as a stocking stuffer during the 2014 holiday season.

The Miracle of Joey Ramone!

How I got a new iPhone and impregnated by Bono…In the same day.

So I was all like HA! fools, I never update iTunes so I didn’t get…

An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentations

Improving your public speaking despite hating crowds

I am an introvert and I have always feared public speaking…

A Lump of Coal for the IT Department

After All These Years, Still Not Serious About Security

As someone who was there from the beginning of the web, I welcome…

A Brave New World with Ev

Through Glass to Ev for the Secret to Getting Rich

The night before I knew my Wired feature on Google Glass was going live was a bit…

Like your work. Love your life.

I run a company. It’s not a big company, but it’s big enough. Big enough to keep me up at night. Big enough to cause me to work nights and weekends. Big…

Play by your own rules.

A little over a year ago I joined Facebook as a Product Manager. I work with the Pages, Location, and Events teams. As I’ve spent a decade of being the founder of

Defining the troll

In his book Assholes: A Theory, Aaron James proposes a definition and a taxonomy for the species, but he omits a key and particularly toxic genus, a breed with which we are…

Obey Rapha

The people running Rapha, a successful fashion bike brand, previously built Lance at Nike, including the swooshiness of LiveStrong. The winner of the Tour last year in is their kit


Lance Armstrong is back in the news in a big way. Here’s something I wrote in 2010 about Lance and the pitfalls of perfectionism.

Fashionable Minds

I immigrated to the US in 1991. I speak English well enough for most of my psychotherapy clients to not bother asking me where I am from. I've been here for exactly half of…

Welcome, Future. It’s Been Awhile

CES is a miserable yearly display of modern technology that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada - the most appropriate place for the prostitution of…

Throwing Glitter On a Climb

It’s like glitter was thrown on the climb. Shiny, bright bikes, and multi-colored jerseys sparkling the road from milepost 6 to 10.

Pedaling Past Change

The Seattle waterfront hasn’t seen this much action and change since the Klondike Gold Rush.

Dear the Five NYC Taxi Drivers who Refused My Fare While I was Standing in the Rain, 

Dear the Five NYC Taxi’s who Refused My Fare While I was Standing in the Rain,

Dear Internet, Read this before tweeting it.

We’ve all been there. We’re “surfing the web” looking for things to read, and it hits us. We see a story link, a tweet, or perhaps something…

it never really was about an @ name…or was it?

so there i sat on my bed, the place that had become my home during chemo in 2009. there i talked to friends, tweeted with those affected by…

What I Learned Building Medium (So Far)

As of November 2012

We’re now eight months into building Medium, having started in earnest in February of this year. In August, we launched what I call the “preview” version—which included viewing content publicly and creation for a small whitelist of folks. No real homepage, discovery, profiles, or many other important features.

Do teenagers still have private thoughts?

Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” or U2's “With or Without You” playing on repeat, teenaged me would lie in bed, a few candles lit, thinking to…



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