A.N.Other — About the Company

We offer a range of actors and actresses (Others) for surrogacy engagements from one-off occasions such as audience fillers for conferences and parties, to life-long commitments including parenthood and marriage. Our team of Others are committed to providing a professional and completely authentic experience at all times and are trained to cater to any requirement you may have.


1. Sexual contact and emotional attachment between Client and Other is prohibited. Where it is observed by either party, the Engagement must be terminated.

2. Any fall-out from the wilful misleading of children, friends, colleagues, relatives, required by the Client is their responsibility to manage before, during, and after Engagement.

3. The Other’s physical appearance, sexuality, accent, nationality, and other markers of identity are variable according to the Client’s needs so long as it does not conflict with that Other’s other Engagements, or impinge upon the Other’s physical or mental health.


If you are interested in engaging an Other, please fill out the form below detailing your reasons for requiring an Other, an approximate length of Engagement, and a full description of the role that you are hiring the Other to fill. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.


If you require an Other for more than three Engagements within the same role, we will set you and the Other up with a chemistry meeting to ensure the best and most authentic experience for both of you.