Getting the tools to mine Ruby

How a .net developer can become a ruby miner?

In this article, you will begin to find this out. I’ll be posting my experiences as a .net developer how is the transition to the Ruby world.

And I’ll post how I found the answers to questions that popped in my head or how I solve the challenges I faced.

And let’s begin with the first question anyone will face.

How do I install ruby on a Windows machine?

The easiest way is to go to, and download RubyInstaller. But which version should we choose? If you are beginning to develop with Ruby (like me) download the latest version. Ruby community In general preserves more the innovation over maintenance as a cultural value.

And remember that some versions do not have backward compatibility. For example, version 1.9 is not compatible with 1.8

After you download, execute it.

In the first window choose the language. Then, accept the license.

In the next window, you choose the location. Leave the default, “C:Ruby{version}”. Also check “Add Ruby executables to your PATH” and click install.

To confirm we installed Ruby successfully open the command prompt and type: ruby -v

You should receive the Ruby version you installed.

So now, let’s begin to develop with Ruby.