A New Hello
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A New Hello

A night of isolation

Of wine and Disney Plus

Photo by Alexander Lam on Unsplash

Tonight I can’t be there
To knock on your door
Take you to the closest square
And make it our dance floor.

At least, you’re spared from my bad moves
My clumsiness, my trembling
For which the cold I would accuse
In future storytelling.



A New Hello is a collection of poetry about matters of the heart. It started with twenty or so poems about a girl stealing heartbeats. Hopefully inspiring for daydreamers, romantics of all kinds and hopeless youth(yet not just youth) that always dares to fall in love.

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A hopeless romantic poet, a seeker and a creator of beauty. Follow my artistic journey, and let’s share our creations. https://linktr.ee/evanskyritsis