A New Hello
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A New Hello

Love struck heart vs rational brain

A short lived stupid idea

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

I had the most stupid thought
To write a poem and burn it
The ultimate one, my last shot
And then to the abyss return it.

My mind came up with this silly notion
When it was in need of a pause
From another one of my heart’s devotion
That it considered as a lost cause.



A New Hello is a collection of poetry about matters of the heart. It started with twenty or so poems about a girl stealing heartbeats. Hopefully inspiring for daydreamers, romantics of all kinds and hopeless youth(yet not just youth) that always dares to fall in love.

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Evans Kyritsis

Evans Kyritsis

A hopeless romantic poet, a seeker and a creator of beauty. Follow my artistic journey, and let’s share our creations. https://linktr.ee/evanskyritsis