Wanna Meet My Cuddly Cutie Patootie Kyoshi?

If my adorable pup can love me as I am, who am I to resist?

wanna meet my cuddly cutiepatootie Kyoshi?
Image by Vlaaitje from Pixabay

I am not this expectant
I will meet you this time
I thought my heart’s frigid 😑
to love, care for one more time



A night with the sun when you are out of time — writing your thoughts, creating stories, poetic pieces, that bring out the ‘suntastic’ you. Share moments. Work wonders. Bring out the fun. Connect with me through my email: anightwiththesun@gmail.com

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Josh Balerite Acol

Josh Balerite Acol

Writer|Editor|Mom-Dad of 4|Loves all things inspiring! Feel the love and fun. Support my writings — join now! https://joshbaleriteacol.medium.com/subscribe