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A sci-fi mystery thriller with many puzzle pieces that keep you guessing. If enjoy deciphering mysteries, then this is the book for you.

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Review of Slipstream by Alice Godwin

If you love sci fi mysteries and thrillers, you will love Slipstream. It’s a story set in a post-apocalyptic era that forces humans to live in controlled pods and travel in underground channels.

The story starts with a gruesome murder where a young woman’s belly is cut open and her unborn baby girl is stolen. The graphic nature of the murder is hard to imagine and appreciated that the author did not go into too much detail here.

The investigation goes cold until the child, Raven, is found sixteen years later. The mystery of her mother’s murder becomes more and more complicated as characters are added to the plot.

This is where I felt the need to take notes and go back to read earlier sections in the book. As characters are added so a puzzle of events unfolds. The story jumps from the present to different portions of the past, even before Raven’s birth.

You come to understand the inclusion of each person and event as the story builds. Be patient with the plot and you’ll see the significance closer to the end. This keeps the reader guessing constantly and I found that I was trying to play detective as I read.

The story ends abruptly and will no doubt continue in a second book. The story left me with many questions about why Raven was taken from her mother so violently.

How did she end up living with the carnies in modest surroundings despite being an heiress?

What was the motive for her mother’s murder?

You are left speculating. Few answers are revealed in book one which will make book two an interesting read for anyone who enjoyed Slipstream’s puzzle mystery thriller theme.

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