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A Parent Is Born

A Letter To My Son On The Spectrum

Here comes middle school.

Photo by Charquise Denise on Unsplash

It was five years ago when we came here to this country in the hopes of a better life. We had a lot of ups and downs, but despite the challenges, you have shown resilience and courage.

Two months from now, a significant chapter of your life will end. Your elementary days will be over, and you will move to middle school.

Things will be different moving forward. You will have new teachers, classmates, and lessons to learn. You will encounter a more significant challenge now that you are facing puberty.

I am confident that whatever challenges you face, you meet them head-on and come out stronger. Not to mention putting on a smile on your face each time.

I may be anxious about what lies ahead, but I know that there are great people around who will always be there to help you. You have an excellent support team that will help and support you through and through.

Growing up is an overwhelming phase. You get to feel too many emotions. You will encounter a lot of changes. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.

I will be your guide. I will be your strength. I will be your voice.

You are indeed an amazing boy. I am proud of what you have become, and I know you are too. Know that I love you so much.



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Maria Abellana

Maria Abellana


Professionally, I am a freelance writer and blogger. But one thing trumps them all: Motherhood