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Jacob Baranski | Mountain Biking in Canada: Great Options Everywhere

By Jacob Baranski | Founder of Hartman Projects | Jacob Baranski articles….

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Jacob Baranski | Mountain Biking

As busy as modern life has gotten, and as difficult as it can be to get out of the house right now, there are a few outdoor activities that whole families can participate in that are low risk, tons of fun, great exercise, and, most importantly, not crowded. Mountain biking is a great option for those seeking anything from an easygoing trail fit for kids or inexperienced riders to a vigorous, exciting downhill course made for the experienced and daring.

Mountain biking, on a basic level, separates itself from road biking by both the bike itself, and the locations for riding. Usually a bike is built to be sturdier and more rugged, with fatter, tougher tires and greater suspension. Additionally, mountain biking often occurs, well, in the mountains. But also on designated trails, but almost always in nature, away from paved roads and the beaten path. More basic information about mountain biking can be found here.

Mountain Biking for All Experience Levels

Jacob Baranski is a loving and doting father with entrepreneurial experience in the construction and real estate industries, and has even more great experience mountain biking some of Canada’s best and most exciting trails. Something important he has realized in his time mountain biking is that the experience is as much about the place you are in as the exercise and activity. And few places are more memorable than Blue Mountain in Ontario. Jacob’s experience with Blue Mountain has been tremendous.

Jacob Baranski, Jake, Baranski, Jake Baranski, Jake, Canada, Guelph, Jacob Baranski Guelph
Jacob Baranski | Mountain Biking with Family

Many major national parks, trails, and other mountain biking locations will have a bike rental option on site or nearby. Because mountain biking can be an expensive hobby, with everything from safety equipment to athletic wear to, of course, the bike itself needing to be purchased. And that’s not even getting to regular maintenance. Bike rental is probably the best way for someone interested in the hobby to try it out before putting

In fact, Blue Mountain in Ontario, like many mountain biking locations, even has an option for e-bike rental, which can be very useful to those who need a little boost or are just starting their mountain biking hobby.

Mountain Biking for the Whole Family. No, Seriously.

Many readers are probably familiar with the popular image of the mountain biker. The person screaming down a hill much too fast, making last-second turns and dodging rocks and branches, moments from disaster. Or the rider who ends each run exhausted and covered in injuries. While some mountain bikers are a bit like that (and they have a lot of fun!), the fact is that there are all kinds of riders and all kinds of trails.

For those looking to learn more about mountain biking, for example, there’s the Kelso Mountain Bike School, in Kelso, Ontario. Jacob Baranski has experience in Kelso, having previously visited for his own trip.

Jacob Baranski — Mountain Biking, Jacob, Jake, Baranski, Jake Baranski Guelph, Jacob Baranski Guelph
Mountain Biking Trip with kids | Jacob Baranski

While mountain biking may not seem like a ‘family fun’ activity, one of the great things about it is that trail difficulty can range from complete beginner to experienced expert, and there are typically biking options available within a reasonable driving distance. Even if its just a chance to introduce you children to mountain biking on a basic trail, a trip to the great outdoors can instill a love of nature and exercise, gifts that can last a lifetime, and benefit them for just as long.

Jacob Baranski’s experience with biking in Percé, Quebec, for example, helped to create a wonderful appreciation for the natural beauty of the region, while feeling like he ‘earned’ the experience through the vigorous exercise it took to see it all.

Jacob Baranski — Mountain Biking Percé Quebec, Jacob, Jake, Baranski, Jacob Baranski, Jake Baranski, Guelph, Mountain Biking, Childern’s outing.
Jacob Baranski — Mountain Biking at Percé Quebec

Mountain biking is more than just exercise. It is a way to appreciate and commune with nature, and an experience to be shared with family and friends. You can do it screaming down a mountain pass, or treading over a beautiful forest trail with people you love. It is entirely up to you.

And on a final note: While many parks, trails, and other places of public accommodation are beginning to emerge from the pandemic and open themselves up again, it is important to check websites and call ahead to confirm exactly what options are open for any given trip. There’s nothing more disappointing than making a long drive with bikes and equipment only to find out your trail is closed.

Author: Jacob Baranski

Jacob Baranski is an entrepreneur, mountain biking enthusiast, and father to three amazing children. He is an avid traveler with professional interests in real estate and modern design.



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Jacob Baranski

Jacob Baranski


Jacob Baranski is an entrepreneur, mountain biking enthusiast, and father to three amazing children.