Raising Kids According to Their Way

Parenting by supporting our children’s paths in life.

Jeffrey Kass
A Parent Is Born


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As a child, I was basically given three options to choose for a profession.

Doctor, lawyer or accountant.

My family had no money, so, naturally, my mom wanted a better life for her two sons.

I can’t stand the sight of blood, and I like people more than numbers and computers, so I chose the law.

Lucky for me, I enjoy being a lawyer. Nearly every day is an exciting intellectual challenge.

But that’s not how it works out for everyone.

Far too many kids are pressured by their parents, teachers and peers to pursue fields that will supposedly bring financial stability and society’s version of honor.

“My daughter, the doctor!”

For many years it was considered blasphemy for a child to not attend college.

That’s how I was raised. The thought of not going to college never crossed my mind.

To my money-strapped parents, not going to college wasn’t even part of the discussion.

So when I had kids of my own, I naturally wanted them to attend college and choose one of the three professions presented to me.



Jeffrey Kass
A Parent Is Born

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