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The Highland Park Effect

Not another shooting!

Photo by Mykola Makhlai on Unsplash

I live in Arlington Heights, a northwest suburb in Illinois 25 miles from Chicago. It is a typical peaceful suburban community with many local eateries and parks. My son and I love walking or biking around the neighborhood or swimming at the local water park. Even with the gun violence surrounding the country, I always felt that our community is safe until recently.

I remember my dad and I went to Deerfield once, passing through Highland Park. We saw Michael Jordan’s house, or at least the gate with its infamous 23 number. My dad told me about the movies filmed there. Highland Park is 30 minutes away from us. Like other suburbs in Lake County, Highland Park is home to many affluent families. It shocked me when the news of a mass shooting broke out.

As the cancer of gun violence seeped through the peaceful communities in this county, it made me realize that nowhere else is safe. Schools, grocery stores, churches, and now parades. I am scared about where this country is headed. I am scared of my child’s future. Where will it lead? When will this violence ever end?

Congress needs to pass more gun reform laws. They need to ban assault weapons. Now! There is no need for assault weapons on the streets. As Governor Pritzker said in his statement, “our founders carried muskets, not assault weapons.”

I am angry. I am scared. But I don’t want to feel hopeless.

This has go to stop!!!



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Maria Abellana


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