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The Power of Believing in Yourself

Whatever follows, I AM will come looking for you.

I was listening to a podcast from a known pastor and came across one of the episodes entitled “The Power Of I Am,” which changed how I look at myself.

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Growing up as a middle child made me very insecure. I struggled to be a younger sister to our firstborn and an older one to our youngest. I lived under the shadows of my older sister and was compared to a lot, especially in elementary and high school. I was also scrutinized when I acted as an older sibling to my brother. It was hard.

It was always a struggle for me to find my worth. I relied on other people’s views before deciding what clothes to wear, what to eat, or even which job to take. I became unhappy that I could not make my own decision. I procrastinated and looked down on myself. I was becoming negative.

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

The podcast episode made me think about how the power of the mind combined with the power of words can change your life. Since then, I have started using affirmations and my gratitude journal (through my phone app). I slowly started telling positive affirmations to myself, believing in myself and what I could do. I have never sought validations from other people since then. I finally found some peace of mind about what I wanted for myself. I have gained more confidence in myself and moved forward through these affirmations.

I suggest you try it. Tell yourself daily how wonderful you are and see how things can change.



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Maria Abellana

Maria Abellana


Professionally, I am a freelance writer and blogger. But one thing trumps them all: Motherhood