A Parent Is Born
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A Parent Is Born

Why I Lock Up My Kids’ Devices

How to use behavior design to manage screen time.

Techdetox box phone safe to manage screen time for children
TechDetox Box Phone Safe

We lock up our kids’ devices in a safe. We have been using this simple approach for years. It works.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Reach

A smartphone in the hands of a child can be as dangerous as a drug.

Is it time to teen-proof your house from addictive tech

Power To The Parents

Parent-Enforced Digital Detox

Screen time management, simplified

The solution is a parent-enforced digital detox.

Take the Phone Away — Now What?

Now what? Take it to the office? Bury it in the garden? Give it to the neighbors?

What Is The Problem?

We can disrupt the interface of addiction.

The Science of Behavior Design

No Phone = No Temptation

The cookie jar is locked.

Why Should You Care

No phone = No temptation.



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TechDetox Mom

TechDetox Mom


Mom of 3, practitioner of the craft of screen time. Founded the blog www.TechDetoxBox.com to help protect human well-being from the power of addictive tech.