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Why Turning Red Is A Movie For All Parents

Turning Red has become controversial, especially among parents. I loved the movie, and as an Asian mom, I can so relate.

I grew up in the era of Tamagotchi and boy bands. I remember hanging out at the mall with my friends and looking at our crushes. I remember clipping pictures of Hollywood crushes like Edward Furlong and Devon Sawa and hanging them on the wall.

The movie was reminiscent of my adolescent years. I was in high school when I asked my mom for permission to go to my first rock concert. I remember her reaction. It was precisely how Mei Lee’s mom reacted, except for the giant red panda.

Lastly, I remember my first period.

USA Today’s article stated that parents were caught off-guard with the movie’s depiction of periods. I agree with some parents’ sentiments, especially if their kids are too small to understand the film. However, this is also an opportunity to be open about periods and puberty. One day they will grow up and start asking questions. Who would be the best person to open up to but us parents? I may not have a daughter, but my son will go through puberty. I have to be ready.

I believe Turning Red is a must-see movie for parents. It’s a movie that shows openness and understanding between parents and children growing up. It’s a perfect avenue for dealing with the adolescent stage.

But if you like to stroll down memory lane, watch this movie.



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Maria Abellana


Professionally, I am a freelance writer and blogger. But one thing trumps them all: Motherhood