Roadmap to INCLUDED 2.0

INCLUDED provides a baseline of essential opportunities to migrants living in urban slums. We do this through one-stop-shop community center platforms, what we call a Community in a Box.

Roadmap to INCLUDED 2.0

To help provide a future for migrant slumdwellers, we will…

  • Restructure as a network of INCLUDED city partners across Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  • Establish a strong simple core for our partners, managed through a lean Mothership headquarters in San Francisco
  • Produce one-stop-shop Community in a Box community centers as our core approach, to provide an essential baseline for migrant slumdwellers
  • Run similar programs across dissimilar environments to emerge patterns globally on the urban migrant slum issue

To support this direction, in the coming season we will…

  • Focus all energy and resource initially on establishing the core (1) CEO (2) Community in a Box prototype (3) City in a Box package
  • Place the Community in a Box prototype in the most effective location that can put us on the path towards this new decentralized approach
  • Consider Mumbai (Asia), Nairobi (Africa), and Rio (Latin America) as anchor hubs we invest into more deeply

The medium-term aim is to connect 100 community centers in slums across 10 cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to emerge global patterns on the slums issue.

2017–2018 INCLUDED Strategy

01 Decentralize into a Network of Partners

  • Establish lean Mothership in San Francisco
  • Create simpler essential toolkits for partners
  • Spread primarily through WEF and TFA relationships

02 Establish a Lean Mothership Core

  • Shift center of gravity to San Francisco
  • Build initial core team of CEO, Head of Product, and Head of Network
  • Build out the City in a Box package for city partners

03 Roll Out Community in a Box Model

  • Position it as a one-stop-shop community center platform for migrants
  • Create a complete pop-up prototype with design and content partners
  • Design the INCLUDED Experience

04 Emerge Patterns of the Global Slum Issue

  • Vacuum up patterns from our partner centers and others’ work
  • Repackage it in ways that are simple and spread the message
  • Set up informal Inclusive Cities Networks in each city and connect them


  • First prototype of new Community in a Box model and experience
  • First 5 partner cities
  • First 15 partner community centers
  • First $500,000 raised for Mothership


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