“Failure is just a way of learning something new.”

Jason Hirschhorn is A Person You Should Know.

Chief Curator and CEO, ReDEF.com

Creates “interest remixes,” blending Internet content into his ReDef.com newsletters the way hip hop artists remix sounds.

Says the crux of ReDEF is curiosity and that he tries to push you beyond what you think you’re interested in and into all sorts of different subjects.

“Failure is just a way of learning something new.”

Believes the most important thing in business and life is to be curious.

An email he sent at 4 am in 1995 changed the course of his life.

“You know what also devalued music? Nine songs from a 10-song album that sucked.”

Believes all entrepreneurs/artists create and risk.

Believes data is wonderful, but flawed — it optimizes a current behavior, but doesn’t necessarily introduce a new one.

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