“While falling in love is fun…it’s not the antidote to an unfulfilled life.”

Jessica Valenti is A Person You Should Know.

Columnist, The Guardian. Author, Sex Object: A Memoir.

Believes telling the truth about what happens to you —as ugly and uncomfortable as it can be — means that we want it to change.

Thinks people can change, but it’s not your job to move them along.

“The feminism that’s popular right now is largely grounded in using optimism and humor to undo the damage that sexism has wrought. But maybe we’re doing ourselves a disservice by working so hard to move past what sexism has done to us rather than observe it for a while”

Suggests the anxiety around being more confident is starting to become a bigger problem than the insecurity itself.

Believes it’s ok to be unhappy around kids and that parents who hide their negative emotions from their children are doing them — and themselves — a disservice.

“While falling in love is fun, it’s not everything and it’s not the antidote to an unfulfilled life.”

Thinks marriage isn’t an equation to be solved — it’s a leap of faith with just as many ways to lead to happiness as failure.

Believes women should worry less about being liked and more about being effective.

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