You Are Who People See You As.

A poem (& mood board) by Gabrielle Warren

i guess you are what they see you as,
what a terrible thing to be
am i what others see me as?
am i what others need me to be?
perhaps i am simply —

a kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts
a mosaic of experiences —

didn’t you not think you’d hurt me like he? 
i mean, what was this?
maybe…………………..i must change 
to be, 
worthy of affection 
worthy of care
worthy of friendship.

i am just someone who can’t see beyond the scope of self
i am not to desire more
i must stay living in the past
that girl who was small and maligned 
the girl who would let others speak for 
that girl.

the girl in the picture
she was mute
she was never best suit 
did you want to meet her?
did you want to awaken her from her adolescent slumber? 
say hello.

Like a blade, 
you sliced. 
and now?
you’ve found her. 
you’ve released her. 
and now?
the tears flow. 
emotions heighten.

perhaps you should’ve asked.

so many lessons learned —

hard like the concrete did this season hit me, 
people gone.


God protect my heart. 
Provide me the strength to move on.
Grant me knowledge 
Grant me wisdom
Grant me understanding
So that I, 
may do and be the best
I am but filthy rags. 
Alone I am nothing — 
But God, 
But God.

Until next time,