Ohmi-hachiman city, Japan

There is a beautiful town, called Ohmi-hachiman city, which was flourished as merchant town in Sengoku and Edo period, placed an hour east from Kyoto in Japan. I spent a fabulous day here in this summer, 2014.

Many canals were made for merchant transportations, and the water was brought from Biwa Lake, the biggest lake in Japan placed near from this town.

one of their local products were Kawara-tiles.

‘Lai Cafe’ is the reformed and reused old house along with the canal.

Cycling towaord Biwa Lake through rice fields

There was a cosy cafe called ‘Chalet Mizu-ga-hama’ besides Biwa Lake

…back to town, and dropped by the shrine named ‘Himure-Hachiman-Gu’, which originated to city’s name.

the beautiful day was almost ended..

Thanks for watching pictures and being patience my strange English of my first entry on Medium.

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