Making Sense of the Nonsensical

Really great piece in the New York Times this morning on Comedy Central and the new realities of broadcast content.

It’s a long read but a couple of items inside that are worth the time spent.

  1. Comedy Central seems to have, at least to a degree beyond so many other studios, grasped the concept of taking money from every outlet available…regardless of the outdated concept of “what we’re worth”.
  2. The workshopping of concepts on CC Digital seems like such a no-brainer concept, yet who else in the industry is using this type of set up.?
  3. How much longer will traditional networks and larger studios continue to ignore the success of Comedy Central and by extension HBO in providing an evironment where artists can work, thrive and receive support while they work towards a quality outcome?
  4. Comedy Central still doesn’t have all the answers and it’s clear that economically they cannot lose focus on the economics of their world…but they’re doing so in a much more practical sense than the rest of the industry.

Take a read of the piece here:

Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era
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