A Capitalist princess

A luxurious ghost sitting on a throne.

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What is the point of always wanting more? More this, more that… an obnoxious obsession turned into uncontrollable greed; a wish to control absolutely everything. It’s the type of greed that is far beyond our power. And then, what do we get from it? Anxiety, fear, a desire to control absolutely everything, protectionism, too much comfort which then, turns into the most incomprehensible laziness.

It’s a nightmare to always want more. It really is! I would certainly not dare to joke or even lie to you.

Sure. There must be something good. I guess being a capitalist princess isn’t that bad after all. Everything is done for you! Isn’t that paradise?! “Oh, mum, it sure is, I adore it! It’s a fascinating thing.” You can give orders, and you actually have people listening to you! Isn’t that insane? When I give orders, I get ridiculed. But are you on the verge of having slaves? How come you get to give all the orders and people listen to you? When I give orders, nobody even bothers to listen. But wait a minute, you’ve become a puppet? A narrow-minded puppet, or an arrogant one? Definitely not a humble one, that’s for sure. You’re too focused, picky, not friendly and giving others orders systematically without doing anything yourself. I despise you!

Your soul was captured and imprisoned by the capitalist princess. You are not yourself anymore. But do come back! Your energy and attitude has left, I pity you.

My head is spinning as if I was imprisoned in a crackhead’s dungeon. So much materialism and so much plastic. What have we done for crying out loud? I can’t recognise the earth anymore. To be honest with you, I sometimes do not not recognise humans. I’m ashamed of humanity. My friends, come closer, I want to tell you a little secret: it’s a disaster. A huge but really huge catastrophe! The biggest mankind has ever experienced.

Folks, Don’t become a luxury ghost. Make your life exciting instead!

I particularly love simplicity. I thinks it’s the essence of life! Not having too many attachments, not having to care too much about belongings, noise, objects, having more, optimising prices etcetera… It’s a terrible headache. Can you be rich being poor: “A poorly rich: A tale of a simple but enriching life” I’m sure that a book with a title like this would sell awfully well. Do you wish to tell me otherwise? What do you suggest? Tell me Alexander. I’m dying to hear.

Scary times we are living. Today’s capitalism combined with today’s data= Digital zombies. Have we become wankers? I certainly have, I spend my time writing digital yet outrageous and absurd texts. Boy….What have I become?

Do you want to be princess Jasmine or street rat Aladdin? Your choice, it’s time to pick. Pick wisely please. I’ll always chose effort, sweat, perseverance, risk, adventure, twisted fun or even dangerous fun. I’m not saying princess Jasmine isn’t having fun, but her life is not that exciting, is it? She even complains about her identity, am I right?

Too much comfort is synonymous of no adventure which makes life quite dull if I may say. I don’t think that’s what you want. Life passes by without you realising it. No sex, no adventure; that’s the holy deal. Vote imagination, go swim in it, climb the 5th wall while you’re at it. Look out for the most splendid escapade! But dude, one sec, don’t get so pumped up. There are no limits in this imagination of yours! You’ll end up swimming so far and so much that you’ll be trapped in infinity before you know it!

Join me in making 2022 the year we start living “Intelligent simplicism” It’s the art of knowing the limits and where the rabbit hole starts and ends.




Creativity, humour, and absurdity in its purest form. We are poets, we are troublemakers, we love to laugh, giggle and break conventional wisdom. Our ultimate goal is to add a Ma Bohème touch to life.

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Hugo Bertrand

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