Mummy, Where is Charlie?

We have to find. We have to find him right now.

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Remember the good old days when we played Where is Charlie at the age of ten? Precisely ten years old eih; not eleven. At eleven, we were playing other games.

Well, today we are playing the real Where is Charlie. It’s a fascinating game when it comes to life! I’m not kidding, I wouldn’t dare. Everything is about searching these days, haven’t you realised? You still haven’t realised? What in god’s name are you doing?

Google and search engine optimisation. All the documentaries talking about the real originator of Bitcoin and Ethereum… All these hashtags on twitter about people missing.

I feel we are all searching, and mapping the world at the same time. Don’t you think so? We want to map it individually and understand where everybody is. The world is very individualised…

“Come on everybody, Mr Daddy talking, let’s put a tag on so nobody losses you. Let me buy a rope. I want to keep you on a leash.”

My friends working in SEO, keep looking for new jobs every 6 months or so in this same noisy industry and go from company to company. Changing countries all the time… it’s so tiring, isn’t it? We need some stability in our lives. Charlie, stop hiding! It’s an order!

Google has created all this noise and all this traffic so that they can monetise it and sell ads and ask all those who work in the SEO industry to optimise this noise and rank 1st. If you rank 1st, I guess it means you have won the championship…. But wait a minute… have you really won? Is it ethical to value noise so much? Mozart would not be pleased.

All of it is pure absurdism… I wonder if it’s a brick in the wall.

Charlie, stop hiding! Tinder, Stop Matching us. The game of love isn’t a game!

Have we all become Peter Pan? I don’t really mind to be honest, he was my favorite character as a kid. A very inspiring fellow. So, if I continue with my logic, everybody is living in La La Land living their best lives, having fun and giggling but indirectly looking and searching for the key. Have we all become virgins? It might be, no?

This game, this “Where is Charlie” game has turned into a viral and frustrating comedy. Do you know the Charlie Bit Me video that turned into a huge circus a few years back? Evberybody was laughing at Charlie’s naivety. Well, I now wonder if it’s the world’s turn to be bit? I think it is, I think we are all bit in the ass.

We are all voicing our profound deception because none of us is finding.

Is this God’s way of saying that we should all go to hell for searching all the time? We all share the same destination. Do you know which one I am talking about? Yeah, that’s right, the funeral. So stop looking and start living the moment! Where is Charlie is not a living game. Just a game that you play at home.




Creativity, humour, and absurdity in its purest form. We are poets, we are troublemakers, we love to laugh, giggle and break conventional wisdom. Our ultimate goal is to add a Ma Bohème touch to life.

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Hugo Bertrand

Hugo Bertrand

Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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