Royal Solidarity

The equal appreciation of labels.

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We all have a different way of looking at solidarity. Don’t we? Especially in Europe…. Is solidarity, very simply put “solid” — solid as in solidity? Is that so? Not like metal I hope! Metal is way too solid. I do not want metal in my heart. A heart made out of Iron!?

Have you gone mad? Solidarity is not within me I guess…




Creativity, humour, and absurdity in its purest form. We are poets, we are troublemakers, we love to laugh, giggle and break conventional wisdom. Our ultimate goal is to add a Ma Bohème touch to life.

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Hugo Bertrand

Hugo Bertrand

Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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