P17: the unfinished post

Disclaimer: I already have about 5 drafts marked P17. I have therefore decided to go ahead and hit the “publish” button at the end of this one no matter how insipid or unfinished the post may be.

— -

Things got a little hectic towards the end of last year and I decided to stay off writing for a while. I did not expect the break to stretch for 3 months … but then time flies. I am just glad to be back. It may take a while to get back in the groove though.

The good thing is that now I have something akin to writer’s block not from having nothing to write about but because there are too many ideas vying for attention. I will eventually get to all of them but it will have to be one at a time. I will therefore need to prioritize.

Today’s post will therefore be on prioritization … well sort of:

A month has passed into the new year and it is perhaps a little late to discuss resolutions. On the other hand, this is about when at lease for some, you may still remember the resolution and start faltering. Why is this relevant to prioritization?

Well, for the longest time, I did not believe in new year resolutions and in some ways, I still don’t (let us not get into the nitty-gritty of that for now). Then, a few years ago, I realized that they can be used as a tool for personal planning and prioritization.

At work, there are systems and processes in place to ensure that we plan for the year, write these down, periodically revisit them, change them if necessary based on the evolving circumstances and eventually get measured on how well we have executed the plan.

I now piggy back on the new year resolutions cycle to implement a similar process for my personal planning. The experiment is still evolving but it shows enough promise to be worth this mention.

— -

And now I will go ahead and publish this before I decide to delete or save this as a draft as well.

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