Submission Guidelines

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The goal of this publication is to share stories that are of relevance to the United Kingdom. Everything begins with education and stories that explore the routes, the direction, and decisions that impact the lives of young people are important to share.

With this in mind, we are looking for thoughts. Everything starts with education and creativity is an important part of this. If you, therefore, have any thoughts on the subject that you wish to share, then please submit to us. We will review and if the story meets the goals of the publication, then we will add and distribute it for you.

Points to remember:

Follow Medium’s curation guidelines to ensure that your story is formatted in the correct manner. On this note, please consider breaking up your text to ensure readability.

  • Use a simple headline that conveys to the reader what the story is about instantly
  • Use a relevant image that is of high resolution and duty-free. These can be easily found via Unsplash. If uploading your own image, then please remember to credit the owner.

Other than these points, please submit to us and we look forward to reading your thoughts.




We strive for better education in England. This is not to say the world’s problems are not our concern, as they are. We are all human. We are all living on this earth and should be doing everything we can to push the species forward and help each other.

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Ben Shelley

Someone who has no idea about where their place is in this world, yet enjoys writing about books, education, entertainment and videogames

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