What do you do in your wait time at your doctors appointment?

Everyone hates (may be its too strong a word here, but definitely some people stand up to it..) -”doctor appointments” they do not hate meeting the doctor be it for a good reason or a bad reason, they just do not appreciate the wait time or at-least I do ,especially when you go to with kids, its even hard.Thank goodness that these days at pediatric office they have the most attractive movie playing which glues the kids, that they even forget how sick they are.

I recently had to visit my doctor for something that I have never been too before in my life— a neck strain or a neck problem. One fine morning in my routine , no change in my ecosystem , my neck was hurting.I could not turn either sides,driving was hard to check for blind spots, above all my inconvenience to read using my iphone was the hardest challenge.

It was almost a week and still the pain hugged me well ,to tell me each time that I moved my neck without realizing I had a pain.I took an appointment with the doctor and here it starts the waiting period.

I understand all doctors visiting patients are on time, it depends on each case how much time they take, my dad is a doctor so I realize the time delay and the need for waiting period well.

Most of the times I go to the doctor I read the magazines there, its interesting to read about all the celebrity news off late it was the phone- replying to messages, checking pictures, reading,reading a lot, but unfortunately this time I could not do both. yes I had my neck pain yelling at me to stop.

I sat there thinking what could be done better if you are at the doctor’s office with out kids or company ?

I could sleep , but will it be rude? I think so ,I know babies sleep at doctors office. How about calling and talking to your friends? hmm no you need to be quiet, the doctor could come in any moment.

Finally I decided with cleaning my wallet,cash,junk that I had sitting in my handbag, I am so happy about this, I just felt there could be no better than at the doctors office to do this.

Here are list of things I could think off one can do:

  • create a to-do list for the day
  • prepare a menu for a dinner /lunch you are arranging
  • clean you hangbag !
  • shape your nails?

Please add more if you think this is something that can be done and please let me know what all you do at the doctors office other than browse in your phone or read the magazines there!

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