Change Direction

“In an organization built on hierarchy those at the top have every right to change direction.”~ Professor Melissa Harris Perry

Discussing her experience of having her MSNBC show ended, Professor Harris decided she could not stay on doing “horse race election coverage” as if everything was fine. In her recent Democracy Now television interview she goes on to say that “everything was not fine.” So she moved on. Which is good, and bad in my view. For the longest time I’ve been wondering when an MSNBC show anchor would take a principled stand and put their money so to speak where their mouth was, and walk away from what is now a sham of a political news Network that is so bad at pretending to be liberal they themselves abandoned their “Lean Forward” slogan.

“Everything was not fine” says Professor Harris, and indeed for quite some time perhaps since Keith Olbermann was fired, everything at MSNBC has not been fine. Melissa Harris Perry’s show brought in a very diverse bunch of people to talk about real life issues Americans face and unlike any other show featured activists in a segment she called “Foot Soldiers Of The Week.” I found that part of her show very moving and was inspired to keep fighting as an activist myself. I actually think exploring activism for a more just country and world is a focus that should be the subject of any show that believes itself to be progressive.

MSNBC “invited” Professor Harris to come back and anchor a weekend segment of more shallow and meaningless horse race election coverage after stripping her of a meaningful show she invested years into creating. This reminds me of how millions of us lost our careers in the so-called recession of 2007-present and were then invited to re-enter the workforce at jobs paying half what we earned at our careers. It’s not just the stripping away our standard of living in this Wall Street bailout economic reshuffling of our lives that bothers me most. It is the loss of meaningful careers where we felt our lives mattered for something more than punching a clock and making it to the next rent or mortgage payment.

The Wall Street crash which I prefer to see as a Wall Street government assisted heist was a very intimate and personal experience of the dehumanization of our American society. Throughout history we’ve seen what people can do to other people once we allow them to be dehumanized and it’s quite horrific. Our mass media with its profit myopia is a powerful tool of this ongoing strip-mining of America’s humanity. We need shows like Professor Perry’s that had heart and yes soul. We need more foot soldiers now more than ever!

For what will it profit a man (person) if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?- Mattew 16:26

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