That is the question that was posed to me in a Facebook group I’m in. In a word…No. It has to do with core life values. I could more easily partner with someone with no religion or a different one but who shares the same values as I do.

We have a responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth and all life on it. (Cant do that if we make a law making it legal again to dump Coal Ash into our streams or put leaky oil pipelines over our water acquirers for example.)

We have a responsibility to care for our elders ie honor our fathers and mothers. We cannot do that if we cut healthcare subsidies to sick seniors like this new Bill is. A person 60 years old making $30k a year will pay $8,000 more a year under the new bill.

We have a responsibility to care for the sick and the poor and not let people suffer and die because they are both like they’re doing by blocking Medicaid expansion. An estimated 6 to 15 million Americans will lose their healthcare under this new GOP Bill according to the Brookings Institute. It will give people who have millions of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax cuts while costing poor working people money we already don’t have.

But conservatives in this country (very different than in say the UK where they have a National Health system they would not give up) are part of a movement that is now threatening not just everything I love and hold dear, they are threatening my life taking away my life sustaining healthcare, they are threatening future generations by ignoring climate science. I see the conservative movement as a selfish bigoted xenophobic extremist group threatening all of our lives.

So no I could not be involved in a romantic relationship with people who do and support such things.