Decentralizing the DNC

Nomiki Konst Tom Perez Rep. Keith Ellison

Democracy must be funded by the grassroots just as unions are. Members of the Democratic party should pay dues even $5 a month raised via an “Our Dems Political Action Committee” and the funds each of us rank and file members contribute as dues will be used to train and support grassroots candidates from our own communities, people we know and who know us! Remember the Democratic party is not a government institution it’s a private club so if you’re serious about being a member and having a say in it you should participate including financially to some degree. If you can afford Netflix you can afford to participate in a public funded party and end the donor class control of it.

New! Money needs to be set aside to fund thousands of local democratic co-working spaces for voter education/outreach centers which could be a conference room in an office complex, union hall or Church basement that people can sign up to use to hold meetings, show movies, have open mic nights and local fundraisers to help the community’s most vulnerable members.

Candidate Victory Teams composed of campaign staff professionals should be created and funded in each county. They would make their services available to locally recruited Democratic party candidates in their county on an as needed roving basis to do things like:

  1. Campaign communications.
  2. Digital media director.
  3. Volunteer coordinator.
  4. Field director.
  5. Legal advice.
  6. Fundraising.
  7. Candidate training.

Every rank and file Democrat should be able to participate in promoting the Our Dems Political Action Committee in their social media networks and among their family and friends using affiliate marketing models whereby each person who donates $5 a month also gets a referral ID url with their identifying number so any new ODPAC member they refer who signs up gets put under their account and they earn $1.00 per person.

Every member should be able to vote on the party platform and the platforms priorities and the parties leadership through mobile apps and online means. Blockchain technology should secure this process.

The party should be run like a worker owned cooperative where every person contributes time, money and their voice and has a vote and a share in the positive outcomes created.

There could be an app created to show leaderboard results and profiles of activists, candidates and schedules of local events like the Barnstorming events the Sanders’s campaign utilized.

Finally, one person one vote must be the rule of the day for our party and anti-democratic mechanisms for protecting status quo power incumbency like the super delegate system must be eliminated. People must have a fair and level playing field and rise by their merits not by their connections.

Thank you!
Joseph Segal

Founder of