I wish we were all focused on the fundamental problems & solutions to them.

What are the problems for the majority of Americans? For the bottom 80% to 90% of us?

  1. College debt! Now greater than credit card debt in American households is crippling the very generation we need to rebuild the American middle class and expand equitable broad based economic growth.
  2. Rebuild Main Street’s economy with a massive green renewable jobs national program. Climate chaos is going to continue to increase deadly droughts leading to devastating fires, loss of life, mass migration of displaced populations leading to wars and civil strife and worse. Without this national effort we won’t be able to build levees high enough or hire enough fire fighters and disaster relief workers to deal with the increased chaos and economic loss due to extreme climate changes caused by mankind.
  3. Healthcare costs. No other advanced economic nation in the OECD, in the world has found a way to make healthcare for profit work for their people! NONE! We are the only one doing this. We have worse medical outcomes including higher infant mortality rates and pay two to three times more per capita than nations that use a national “Single Payer” type of healthcare distribution system. People going for healthcare to the emergency room is both the most expensive possible way to administer healthcare and the least effective because by the time people are in the ER they missed the opportunity to catch their health problems before they became critical.

Now set aside your feelings and conclusions about Jill Stein based on the last election we had (if you’re able to do so) and listen to the reasons for the policies she advocates for. If you’re not able to put aside your emotional issues over the election then stop reading this and try to learn and use meditation.

What I want to do is focus on what the real underlying problems are in American society today for the bottom 80% of us and what needs to be done about to help prevent massive suffering and even death.

Studies point to 30% or more of all American (& UK) jobs being vulnerable to elimination from AI and automation in the next ten to twenty years. We have already had wage stagnation for decades along with a hollowing out of the American middle class.

The evisceration of labor unions in America combined with the Internet’s flattening out the Earths economies and global trade while beneficial for emerging nation’s economies have created a downward pressure on already stagnant US wages while at the same time housing and education costs and income inequality have skyrocketed!

Perhaps most insidious is the reality that a very tiny group of plutocrats, billionaires and other wealthy people have used this great wealth they’ve amassed in this new American gilded age (see Trumps gold plated penthouse as example 1a) to buy the politicians running our governments so they can deregulate their industries and cut their taxes.

This means its OUR air that’s getting fouled increase asthma in our children, our families being exposed to toxins in our food supplies and waterways and our life savings at risk as bankers gamble with new schemes to fill their insatiable greed to acquire more and more wealth.

The result is a crisis in crushing personal debt, growing mental anxiety disorders leading to addiction and far too often death, and a widespread sense of resignation that life will not improve for far too many of us!

In the midst of this type of crisis to be in favor of small incremental improvement reminds me of the guy whose head was resting in the cradle of a guillotine. The guillotine was stuck and wouldn’t work. The man always meaning well and trying to help others who was moments from losing his head looks up and points saying to the executioner “I think I see your problem, there’s a screw loose there if you tighten it a turn this thing will work better.”

Speaking of having a screw loose, if you think we are going to survive this current system as AI and automation displace millions of jobs while our governments become more and more corrupted by corporate wealth I beg to differ with you my friends.

The solutions are available to us and they are not one’s that give more of our money to the wealthiest people hoping they’ll trickle some down to us or that one day we’ll be rich like them ourselves and be kind to the poor other folks. I am not saying the following are all Jill Stein’s ideas. Some are. Some are my own.

  1. Forgive all student loan debt.
  2. Transition to a Medicare For All/Public Option healthcare solution.
  3. Make college tuition free. (Perhaps to be paid back over 20 years of deductions from income/salary of 5%).
  4. Create a new patriotic Green Energy Jobs strategy and renewable energy grid. Eisenhower built the Interstate Highway in the 50’s we can build a Green Interstate Energy Grid with localized community owned energy production creating millions of high paying jobs for all of us!
  5. Create a fossil fuel energy extraction tax to tax it at the point of extraction and funnel 100% of the tax revenues directly to the people in each region where it’s extracted to compensate us for the higher price of energy the corporations will charge us and the “externalities” created by dirty fossil fuels impacting our health each day.
  6. Create national public private partnerships to really keep our people safe from our greatest threats which are far greater than global terrorism. These include cancer, Alzheimer, heart disease and diabetes.
  7. End homelessness across this the wealthiest nation in the world. Eminent domain all REO’d properties the banks hold and refurbish them for affordable housing solutions.
  8. Require all companies with 50 employees or more have profit sharing with worker representatives on board of directors and all corporate charters have a corporate responsibility to be good corporate citizens and members of the communities they do business in.
  9. Making national elections a three day Holiday and automatically register everyone as they turn eighteen years old and get or renew their driver’s license. Voting is our right and how we protect our lives.

Oh I’m sure there’s more we can and should do! But none of this can happen if we don’t all show up at every political party meeting, Central Committee meetings, town halls, school board meetings, and replace those who are more beholding to donors than to all of us.