The primary is over. There are only two possibilities. Hillary or Trump will become the next US President controlling the appointments of one to four Supreme Court justices, the US military, appoint the next Attorneys General, control federal law enforcement and regulatory enforcement of the EPA, labor laws, and countless other mechanisms of power that will affect the freedom and lives of generations of Americans to come.

If you’re still bashing Hillary at this point retweeting Trumps racist followers tweets, it appears you would rather Trump become president & torch all remaining civil liberties & block all progressive goals Bernie Sanders and millions of us care about than have a president who is not progressive enough for you.

If you’re conflating a person who spent her entire career advocating for women and children and serving in public office to someone who spent his entire adult life accumulating personal wealth by cheating working class laborers, cheating shareholders and cultivating a celebrity persona of belittling people to boost his sense of importance and acting as a sexual predator in public and private life, you lack perspective.

If you think one single item on the Bernie Sanders agenda millions of us fought for will get through a Trump GOP government you clearly lack reason and the capacity for rational analysis.

Will Hillary Clinton appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe V. Wade? No! But Trump will! Do you care? I do! Millions of us do! His VP candidate Pence passed a law making women have to attend funerals of aborted fetuses and is one of the most extreme anti-woman anti-choice people in the country.

I could go on and on about the issues I and like I said millions of others care deeply about like Climate Change showing how Trump says its a hoax and we need to drill more everywhere but you’d rationalize that Hillary promoted Fracking as Secretary of State under President Obama’s directives and conflate the two as the same. Completely irrational and illogical!

If Bernie Sanders thinks he can work with Hillary Clinton to move our agenda forward and Trump is a mortal threat to this country and all of our goals then I am going to trust his nearly sixty years of activism, advocacy and public service and the perspective he has over yours.

Getting a headache is not the same thing as decapitation. You have to choose. Fight to hold a pro-establishment pro-Wall Street professional politician accountable to a progressive platform from the grass roots OR allow a fascist dictator wannabe Trump and a GOP government to devastate this nation and our world.

You really think that had Al Gore been elected we would still have the over 1 million dead Iraqis and 4k US war fighters that GW Bush gave us? That Gore would tortured prisoners in secret black site prisons like Bush? If you really can’t see the difference between Hillary and Trump or Democrats and Republicans then there’s nothing I can say to you because your quite illogical, the flip side of the coin of a Tea Party or Trump follower. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! And if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. I just hope we can all survive to live with it.