Modifying what we are measuring to manifest more optimum outcomes for all.

What’s “good for business” has come to mean what is good for corporations. And that is not the same thing as what’s good for all the people, the workers, our communities and our planet. So let’s not use what’s good for business as a metric of success for our nation or our world.

What about what’s good for the sustainability of the ecosystem we all depend on for our very lives?

What about what’s good for the millions of workers here and around the world who all too often work harder without a fair share of the profits they create or a voice in their workplace?

What about what’s good for future generations who are counting on us?

They say you get more of what you measure. Let’s measure our progress in terms of metrics that really matter and set us up for the widest spread of benefits possible. What helps most of us live better and be better?

“Growth” when in an extremely income segregated and rigged economy as ours merely means the rich get richer and the rest of us relatively poorer.

This isn’t that complicated brothers and sisters:
1) Do what is moral, ethical and just by all the people, 
2) Do what is responsible and respectful of our Mother Earth, and all future generations to inhabit it.