Good morning friends! Are you working on your dreams or are your fears and patterns working on you?

I want to tel you about a problem I am living with because I think maybe there’s someone else out there going through something similar.

I LOVE starting new projects and businesses! It’s so much fun and so exciting to have a new idea an start creating it. But lately at this point of my life, when I get to what I call the 5 yard line ie the point where I’m almost ready to launch it I get this tangible pit in my stomach. I feel this wall in front of me warning me to stop, Don’t finish!!!

And deep inside my mind whispers things like:

>What if people don’t like it?

>What if it doesn’t work like I think it will?

>What if people see me fail and look down at me?

And just then I see something new, some shiny new object out there and feel that tinge of excitement and bam! I start something new!

I’ve found that fear of failure is an obstacle that’s deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. Researchers say somewhere around 85% of all our thoughts occur at a subconscious level. This means we’re not really aware of things that affect our daily operations of life.

It often comes from choices we’ve made about how life works from our formative early childhood years watching life.

As I look into this personally I can recall as a boy being yelled at by my dad when I didn’t do things the way he was telling me they had to be done to be done “right”. And every boy wants to avoid his father being disappointed with him.

Our neural connections are more pliable as children. We form patterns that get stuck in our psychological makeup for years. We associate failure with punishment or lack of love from those we look up to and so we try to avoid it anyway we can.

One way our subconscious mind tries to keep us safe is to keep us from the pain of the punishment it remembers is to subtly sabotage us from completing things for example by dumping dopamine (the feel good brain chemical) into our brains when we start new projects! Or dump Cortisol the stress endorphin into our brain when we get close to launching a business or putting some creative work out in the world. These are very powerful chemicals!

This is why simply telling ourselves to buck up and get it done or not to have fear rarely ever works. We are talking to the wrong part of our brain. It’s like trying to brush your hair by dragging your brush across your reflection in the bathroom mirror.

So how do you overcome the “bad code” written into the computer that is our subconscious mind when we were young?

There are ways to creating a deep state of relaxation that makes accessing the subconscious mind more possible. They include self hypnosis, meditation, visualization, journaling, and other techniques rooted in NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) that are very powerful and often effective!

So can we “motivate” ourselves and buck ourselves up to launch our businesses regardless of our fears? Yeah. But it often doesn’t last. Because we haven’t dealt with the underlying issues. We have to fix the invisible roots if we want to realize the juicy delicious visible fruits.

This is what my new course I’m writing and launching is about. Now one reason I’m developing this course after over 30 years of researching and using personal development and growth techniques from Shamanic traditions of native people to Eastern Taoism and including Western civilization’s mind-brain healing methods, is simply to heal and help myself.

So I’m Alpha User #1 of my new course. The more I learn and heal, the more of my course I create and share with others who have similar challenges in life. It’s really a great path I’m on, it feels so to me anyways.

I hope whatever it is you’re sharing in your business is something that you yourself use to enrich and improve your life experiences and improve your own wellness.

Thanks for reading this long sharing I did. :)

Joseph S.