The answer to our disunity and gross inequality is in the word itself “Community = Come Unity”. It’s an invitation to come together to work together and cooperate for mutual safety and prosperity. The more we invest our labor and income in corporations that exist outside of our communities the more unhealthy and unequal our economy and communities become.

When all the decision making power exists at the top in boardrooms other stake holders like workers and community members even the environment itself is mostly excluded from the gains of growth.

The answer is indeed strengthening our communities and one way to do so is creating more worker owned cooperatives or self managed enterprises. Food coops are just one example of this in practice. We need to democratize our work places to create sustainable economies and democracies.

We also need more community centers where people can meet, express ideas and share information, goods and services in person and develop lasting positive relationships. Positive social interactions and involvement in local business commerce and civic engagement must increase if we are to decrease inequality and poverty.