A Dodger dog with mustard and onions, a cold drink, the famous old peanuts guy throws a bag of peanuts way across the row of seats to hit me perfectly in the other hand. I ask my dad to buy me a box of cracker jacks,
look for the toy inside,
Vin Scully’s voice comes over the radio and he says;

Its time for Dodger Baseball!
Garvey at first
Davey Lopez second
Billy Russel at short
Ron Cey “the Penguin” at third
Steve Yeager at the plate
Don Sutton or Tommy John on the mound

I already have to go pee.
So I give my brother my glove to hold and 
make my way past everyone trying not to spill my 
Dad’s beer on him as I do.
And I hurry fast as I can so I don’t miss anything
listening to the game over the loud speaker as I do
the organ player playing that “song”
Dun dun dun 
dun dun dun 
dun da da da de dah!

Down goes the Giants with Willy McCovey 
Down goes the Big Red Machine with Johnny Bench
Down goes the Pirates with Willy Stargell

Well most of the time those guys kicked our buts! 
But it was still fun.
Thanks to mom and dad for taking us.

No matter where I was like when I was away at college, hearing Vin Scully’s voice on the radio made me feel like I was home.